Trabzonspor takes on Liverpool tonight

Perşembe 19.08.2010 00:00

Speaking to UEFA prior to tonight’s game against Liverpool, Trabzonspor’s technical director Güneş warns the English giants may experience ’a big upset’ tonight.

Trabzonspor's Technical Director Şenol Güneş has announced plans to achieve a victory against Liverpool, their rivals in the UEFA Europe League play-off tonight.

As a guest on UEFA's official site, Güneş was asked; "Can Trabzonspor spring a surprise 34 years on?"

"We aim to cause a big upset. We are playing against a team that perhaps ought to be in the UEFA Champions League, but nowadays you can get any result in football. In order to be a big club, you need to work hard enough to spring surprises. That's what we are doing. It's like a final for us. I desperately want my team to carry on in Europe."
Güneş's goal is to make the final 32
Expressing his intentions for Trabzonspor to be amongst the 32 teams to go on to compete in the UEFA Europa Cup, Güneş states; "We want to be a competitive brand that gets impressive results, to be able to use our home-grown players, to play brave, entertaining and attacking football with principles."
Meanwhile, team captain Yattara, who was also present for the meeting, assures that Trabzonspor will be coming out to face Liverpool tonight much stronger than anticipated.
Tonight's Trabzonspor-Liverpool game kicks off at 21:45, while Turkey's other European cup contenders Fenerbahçe faces off against POAK at 21:30 and Galatasaray plays Karpaty at 21:00.

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