Turkish athletes reach historical success

Perşembe 19.08.2010 18:10

Nevin Yanıt, Alemitu Bekele, Elvan Abeylegesse and Aslı Çakır have all been chosen to take part in the European athletics team due to their performances displayed during the European Championship. They will all be donning a uniform for Team Europe in the Intercontinental Cup held in Split, Croatia.

Organized in years passed under the 'World Cup' title, Turkey has only had one runner ever compete, Sureyya Ayhan in 2002. This year however, there will be four Turkish athletes participating in the intercontinental competition.

In Split, Nevin Yanıt will run the 100 meter hurdle, Alemitu Bekele will race the 3,000 meters, Elvan Abeylegesse will compete in the 5,000 meters and Aslı Çakır will represent Europe in the 1,500 meters race.
The European team, in which our Turkish representatives will compete, will be racing against teams from Africa, America (North, South America and the Caribbean) and Asia. Two athletes from each team will be competing in each branch of races.