Awesome offer for Lescott

Awesome offer for Lescott
Salı 04.03.2014 10:26

Beşiktaş still set sight on Manchester City's 31-year-old man Joleon Lescott. To bring him, Eagles made 100k-salary offer for 3 years.

The rumours between Beşiktaş and Lescott are still being talked. The last rumour Daily Mail claimed, Manchester City's 31-year-old defender's contract will be expired on end of this season, so to seal skilled guy, the best reasonable offer was came from Beşiktaş. Management, is still waiting for him until the end of the season. Claimed offer is 100k pounds salary for 3 years, totally 3 million 200k pounds.

Lescott wants to leave

Due to the line-up needs, City had refused West Ham and Beşiktaş's offers before, but conditions have been changed. Skilled man asked to leave his club. After this good news Beşiktaş started a new transfer move for Lescott again.

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