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    F.Bahce President fined for slapping rival

    F.Bahce President fined for slapping rival
    09 May 2017, Tuesday Modified: 08:38

    Fenerbahce chairman Aziz Yildirim fined, barred from games after striking rival during women's basketball match

    The head of a major Istanbul sports club was fined 40,000 Turkish liras on Monday ($11,162) by the Turkish Basketball Federation for slapping a rival during a match over the weekend.

    The federation's disciplinary board also ruled Fenerbahce Sports Club Chairman Aziz Yildirim would be banned from games for six months.

    Tension developed during a women's basketball match played in Istanbul's Kadikoy district on Sunday.

    Yildirim, who says he was provoked and threatened, struck the chairman of the Near East University Club, Isik Eyigungor.

    The Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul launched an investigation after Eyigungor filed a complaint for "willful injury".

    However, Eyigungor was also fined 7,500 Turkish liras ($2,092) for insulting Yildirim and will be barred from matches for a month.

    Basketball federation chairman Hidayet Turkoglu said he was "deeply saddened by the events during the Near East University-Fenerbahce game".