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‘Grexit’ may happen in football, says FIFA’s official

‘Grexit’ may happen in football, says FIFA’s official
Perşembe 15.03.2018 13:17

Greek teams may face expulsion from international tournaments over violence, says head of FIFA’s monitoring committee

Greek football clubs may face expulsion from international tournaments, said the head of FIFA's monitoring committee for Greek football on Wednesday.

"In international tournaments 'Grexit' is no longer distant. Greek football is on the edge of cliff," Herbert Hubel said in a news conference in the Greek capital Athens.

Stating that he arrived in Athens to give advice after violence in Greek football, Hubel said: "How can we bring our children to a stadium where there are weapons?"

Hubel added that Greek's top-tier Super League has been suspended by the country's government for security reasons and all options such as Greek clubs' exit from international tournaments - described as 'Grexit' - are likely to be discussed.

He said the situation is "very serious" and the violence in Greek football should end so that the league will start again.

Greek club PAOK's chairman Ivan Savvidis, who appeared to be carrying a gun, stormed the pitch during a match against AEK Athens on Sunday to confront the referee.

Accompanied by bodyguards, Savvidis stormed onto the field in the 90th minute after a goal, that would have given PAOK victory in the top-of-the-table clash, was disallowed for offside.

After the match, the Greek government decided to suspend the Greek Super League.

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