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Denizli could part wayss with Galatasaray

Denizli could part wayss with Galatasaray
Pazartesi 29.02.2016 08:08

Galatasaray have been defeated in Gaziantep. Fans have gotten angry after the bad results. Coach Denizli announced he would resign.

After the saying goodbye Europa Legaue with Lazio defeat, Galatasaray is also out of luck in the Spor Toto Super League. Gaziantepspor have defeated Galatasaray with 2 goals.

Coach Mustafa Denizli has made a statement that he would resing after Antep defeat.

The Galatasaray supporters were not happy with their team's display. Chants of "Denizli, resign!" reared up again at the Santiago Bernabeu.