Schuma in coma

Schuma in coma
Pazartesi 30.12.2013 00:00

Retired Formula One legend Michael Schumacher is in hospital after suffering a "serious" head injury in France while skiing Sunday, according to the French Alps ski resort he was in and police who gave him first aid.

The 44-year-old German was being treated in a hospital in Grenoble, the Meribel resort said, adding that the seven-time F1 world champion's injury was not life-threatening.

He was "suffering a serious cranial trauma but he is not in a critical condition", the director of the Meribel resort in the French Alps, Christophe Gernigon-Lecomte, said.

A Paris neurologist, Doctor Gerard Saillant, had arrived to oversee Schumacher's treatment, he said.
The mountain police who first tended to Schumacher said he suffered a "severe cranial traumatism".

The Grenoble hospital which has admitted Schumacher refused to give any information about the former racer's condition. It said a joint statement with Schumacher's press team would be issued later Sunday.

Schumacher reportedly owns property in Meribel. He was said to have been skiing off-piste with other skiers when he fell and knocked his head against a rock.
In comments to Radio Monte Carlo Sport immediately after the accident, Gernigon-Lecomte suggested the injuries were not as serious as they were later diagnosed to be. He said Schumacher had been wearing a helmet and was "conscious but upset" after the accident.

Two medical officers attended Schumacher at the scene before he was airlifted by helicopter to a local hospital within 10 minutes. It was from there he was taken to the better-equipped Grenoble hospital.

Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kahn confirmed the accident in initial comments before the gravity of the situation became apparent.
"He was taken to hospital and is receiving professional medical attention. We ask for understanding that we cannot give out continuous information about his health," she said.

"No one else was involved in the fall."

Schumacher, who won the last of his world titles in 2004, retired from the sport he had towered over since making his debut in Belgium in 1991 after finishing seventh in the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix.