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Turkish boxers to be allowed to wear headscarves

Turkish boxers to be allowed to wear headscarves
Cuma 28.04.2017 10:29

Announcement comes a week after Muslim boxer Amaiya Zafar won right to wear hijab during matches in US

International Boxing Association (AIBA) has accepted a Turkey's request regarding headscarf practices in the country's rings, Turkish Boxing Federation chairman said on Thursday.

Talking to media representatives, Eyup Gozgec said AIBA has given approval to the application that they made in February.

According to the new decision, women boxers are now not required to remove their headscarves during announcements of scoring and ceremonies after matches.

The decision comes into effect immediately.

Previously, women boxers were asked not to cover their heads when they took out their helmets at the end of the competition. It was also a must for them to be present at the ceremonies without wearing headscarf.

The announcement comes a week after a Muslim boxer Amaiya Zafar from Minnesota has won her fight to wear hijab during matches in the U.S.

Gozgec stated many sportswomen in other countries are also facing similar problems.

"There are many Muslim countries within the AIBA. Other sportswomen are also having difficulties," he said, adding: "The decision should be an example not only for us but also for other countries."

Gozgec, who is also executive committee member of AIBA, stated that he would make a proposal to the association to make that practice to be valid in all the countries.