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Turkish player bested by Sharapova in Istanbul

Turkish player bested by Sharapova in Istanbul
Pazartesi 27.11.2017 10:15

Former world No. 1 Sharapova beats Cagla Buyukakcay in Istanbul match.

Turkish tennis player Cagla Buyukakcay was beaten by Maria Sharapova 2-0 at the TEB BNP Paribas Tennis Stars Series in Istanbul on Sunday.

Sharapova, a former world No. 1, took the first round 7-6 and the second round 6-0.

Speaking to the press afterwards, Sharapova said that she was very happy to be part of such an event in Istanbul and thanked the audience for their support.

Playing against Cagla was both difficult and delightful, said the 30-year-old Russian-born player.

Turkish player Buyukakcay said that it was "a huge pleasure" playing Sharapova. She thanked the Turkish Tennis Federation as well as Turkish Economy Bank for organizing the event.

The sold-out match was played at Istanbul's Sinan Erdem Dome.