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Blind Turkish swimmer wants Paralympic place

Blind Turkish swimmer wants Paralympic place
Pazartesi 04.12.2017 09:23

Ercan Temur has won four medals in Turkish championship.

Seventeen-year-old Ercan Temur, 60 percent blind from birth, is a promising young swimmer.

Temur returned with a medal from each competition he took part in over three years. But he had to quit swimming when his family moved to Turkey's southern Osmaniye province with his family, he told Anadolu Agency.

"When I saw that I am successful [in swimming], I started to build my life on it," Temur said.

With only five months' training, Temur attended the Turkish Blind Swimming Championship in northeastern Trabzon province and won three golds and one silver.

Stating that he was very happy with his performance in the championship in Trabzon province, he said:

"I have become the champion by attending Turkish Championship with only five months' training. I ranked first in the 100 meters freestyle, 100 meters backstroke and 400 meters freestyle, and second in the 50 meters freestyle."

Temur said he broke his disability by swimming and had the chance to make new friends.

He also encouraged disabled people to go out and take part in social activities and do sports.

'He would have become European Champion'

Temur's trainer, Musa Torun, noted he was a very talented sportsman.

Leaving sports for three years has disadvantages, but they are trying to recover from it, Torun said.

Stating that Temur's father came to them and asked for help, he said Temur brought four medals with only short training.

"If he did not pause, he would have become European Champion. His actual branch is backstroke and he can join the European Championships now."

He was invited to the Turkish National Paralympic Swimming Team, after his achievements in the tournament, Torun said, adding that Temur's main goal is to attend Paralympic Games and win medals.