No escaping the storm

Salı 24.08.2010 14:44

Trabzonspor continued their streak of wins against Fenerbahçe with a 3-2 victory in Trabzon.

After taking two cups from Fenerbahçe last season, last night's hosts Trabzonspor were the cause of further disappointment for the Istanbul team. With suspense and excitement at full throttle last night, Trabzonspor, with three goals scored, was able to gain some morale prior to their Thursday face off against Liverpool. For Fenerbahçe's Technical Director Aykut Kocaman, two goals was not enough.

Although Fenerbahçe fans are offering support to new technical director Aykut Kocaman, it was unfortunate he had to show his skills against one of this season's most primed and ready teams, Trabzonspor, in their home stadium. The game started off fast and continued relentlessly for the duration of the first half and well into the second. In the 14th minute, Mehmet Topuz scored into his own goalpost, bringing Trabzonspor one up early on. Yattara sealed the deal for the hosts it seemed with a goal just two minutes later, bringing Trabzonspor up by 2-0. In the 28th minute, a center pass by Semih was responded to by Lugano with a header, which brought in Fenerbahçe's first goal; 2-1. In the 30th minute a center pass by Yattara was met by a header from Glowacki, quickly transforming the score to 3-1. In the 42nd minute, an excellent pass by Stoch allowed Topuz to redeem himself with a strike over goalkeeper Onur that managed to make it in, bringing the score to 3-2.

What followed in the second half were a series of attempts to continue the rain of goals, however none made it in and the score remained the same. In the 70th minute, Trabzonspor was granted a penalty shot, which Colman used, however Fenerbahçe's young goalkeeper Mert successfully used his strong motivation to save the shot from becoming yet another score.