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    Ağaoğlu's gift, Adebayor

    Ağaoğlu's gift, Adebayor
    27 November 2013, Wednesday Modified: 10:29
    The news that Fotomaç announced yersterday, was confirmed Trabzonspor's chairman İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu. It has been informed Turkish famous businessman Ali Ağaoğlu has promised to bring a star to Trabzonspor and the name would be Emmanuel Adebayor. However, Togan man, expires his contract and wants to leave out Tottenham, is one of the Ağaoğlu's plans. To convince 29-year-old striker, Ağaoğlu may offer 2 villas, one of the value is about 2.000.000 $. Ağaoğlu is also planning to have Adebayor act in a commercial film.
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