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"The truths will be uncovered"

"The truths will be uncovered"
Çarşamba 24.02.2016 08:40

Trabzonspor president Muharrem Usta has made a phone call to MHK Chief Kuddusi Muftuoglu.

Usta has taken up a position after the Kuddusi Muftuoglu press conference about refere Deniz Ates Bitnel's decisions in the Galatasaray – Trabzonpor play.

"You are really wrong. Mading a cursory statement does not makes you innocent. You must tell the truth. One day the truths will be uncovered" said Usta to Muftuoglu.

Trabzonspor defender Salih Dursun had showed a red card to the referee Deniz Ates Bitnel due to wrong decisions during the Galatasaray – Trabzonspor match on Sunday.